Uninsured Motorist

 Jan, 22 - 2016   Auto Insurance

When it comes to car insurance coverages, Uninsured Motorist is often the most misunderstood. One reason might be that this particular coverage differs from state to state. Since the majority of our business is written in Oklahoma, we will discuss how the coverage relates specifically to our state. Here are some things to evaluate when considering Uninsured Motorist coverage:

  • It is applicable if you are involved in a car accident where:
    • You and/or your passengers are injured
    • Another party is at fault
    • The responsible party is either driving illegally without insurance (Uninsured)
    • Their liability limits are insufficient to cover the medically related expenses (Underinsured).
  • It helps to pay for you and/or your passenger’s medical bills, lost wages while missing work, and pain & suffering (up to your policy limits).
  • You may purchase limits up to, but no higher, than your own liability limits.
  • It is an optional coverage. Neither Oklahoma state law nor banks/lienholders require this coverage.
  • Unfortunately, it has nothing to do with getting your vehicle fixed or replaced.
    Oklahoma Uninsured Motorist coverage contains no physical damage component.
    • If you carry Collision coverage on your vehicle, you may file a claim on your insurance policy. However, you will be responsible for paying your Collision deductible.

When was the last time that your insurance agent took the time to explain your coverage to you? That is a service that we provide to our clients every day. We realize that auto insurance can be very confusing. We welcome you to call our office to either have a quick conversation or we would gladly set up an appointment to sit down with you & discuss your needs in detail. Let us know if we can help you in any way or answer any questions which you may have!