Fun and Water Park Insurance

Fun and Water Park insurance is a unique product. We know, because we write that insurance and we know the companies to talk to. If you are a water park operator, you know that insurance is a major expense for your business! What you may not know is that Overman Insurance is one of the leading insurance agencies in the country for writing this kind of insurance. We have a number of clients who operate fun and/or water parks, we understand that business and we know the insurance companies who write the best policies in this space. A quick conversation can let us go to work to find the lowest premiums, with the right coverage, for your particular business so you can focus on running the business.

A simple 5 minute phone call is all it takes to determine if we can help you!   No high pressure sales pitch –  just a simple, honest conversation to see if we can help.

Let us review your needs and provide coverage options to fit you personally.  We will take the time to sit down with you, discuss your specific needs and make recommendations for the right amount of coverage.  Then we will compare premiums across multiple insurance companies to be sure you are getting the best rate possible.

When was the last  time your insurance agent took the time to sit down with you and shopped your coverage to be sure you are still paying the right (low) premium?   Maybe it is time to give us a call to discuss your options.

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